Feyo was born on 26th April 2001. While many of you might think he's a cute little angel (even the parents), it is not so.

Duvelke means Little Demon: indeed, Feyo is the cutest Antichrist ever!

Friday, December 21, 2001

My music ball is a bit depressive these days. You don't know my music ball? It's a flashy ball with a neat button on it that, once pressed, starts playing a great musical theme while displaying brightful rhythmic lights. In many colours. It's a great toy and it has been a real support in difficult times. Since the play button to press-and-switch-themes is rather big, I can very easily zap between different songs, making me a bit of a deejay. Then only one my music ball (made of fine hard plastic material) let me down, was that time when I played with him, holding him above my head, when suddenly my hands lost control. I could really feel the hard plastic then.

But, as I said, my ball is depressive. It looks like his colours aren't that bright any more, his songs are played slowly and in a chaos-kinda-way. Grownups can get very nervous of the distorted, neurotic sound it produces lately. I love it! This is the sound of the devil, the Soundtrack of Hell!

A pitty I couldn't post some samples yet of the new demonic, chaotic, depressive sound, but one of these days you'll find these on my site. Promised.

Dad checked to see where those demons were hiding, and he intends to replace the batteries real soon now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I gave up continuous sleep. I have a busy mind, so I cannot afford to waste my time with stupid sleeping. Edison didn't sleep a lot either (about 5 hourse a night) and he discovered electricity. If Edison was just an ordinary sleepneedy Grownup, he would have been sleeping during the time he played with electricity. It would have been his death.

Basically, Edison invented light all over again. More or less a divine thing to do. Superhuman. So less sleep will make me a stronger person. From now on, I take little naps. I go to bed late (9h00 PM), wake up again at 9h30 PM, get up again at 9h45, wake up at 10h45, 11h30, 4h, 6h,... that's about my training scheme.

Before midnight, there are possibilities to get out of bed if I cry loud and long enough. Take f.e. tonight: its almost 11 PM and I'm still up and running, alive and kicking!

After midnight, I can get into the Big Bed when crying the best I can. The trick is: it's pretty annoying for sleeping people to hear a crying baby, they tend to get nervous of this. Every time they have to get up and put you asleep again, it takes about 15 minutes or longer to get me calm again. And it's freezing outside. And my room doesn't have a heating system. And they just wear pyjamas (mom) or a shirt (dad). Parents bend in these conditions. They'll prefer drop you in between them and fall asleep that way.

I like mom most. When I'm in between mom and dad, I always move in her direction. As a side effect, dad has plenty of room at the end of the night, while mom can't move a bit if she doesn't want to end on the carpet. Or on me. No blankets either. Cold room.

I don't know why, but mom looks rather tired lately. Lack of energy, a bit nervous towards me in the late evening and at night... A good thing I'm around to support her.

Monday, December 17, 2001

Stand up comedian

Another revolution in my motoric system has shown up (man, I'm evolving so fast these days I hardly recognize myself): I can pull myself up and stand like a Grownup (actually, most Grownups don't need to pull up to stand and they certainly don't need to lean on something to keep standing, except if they're really rich on fat).

This opens possibilities: I expand my boundaries, I come where no Feyo has ever come before! The sky (about 60 cm) is the limit! Since I discovered you can not only sit, but lift your butt and experience life at a higher level, I've become a real Stand up Maniac.

Sitting, crawling, tummy-ing,... all these are very primitive forms of transportation/state of being. I only use them if there are no vertical surfaces within touch range. To transport me to those vertical surfaces.

Some tips to stand up without hassle:

  • You will probably try to stand up as soon as you can touch such vertical surface. Wrong! Since you started in crawl position, your feet surely are meters away from this surface, so this will be a very unstable situation to stand up. You can end on your face.
  • Once on your knees, hands on the surface (try to really grab something), there's a difficult phase to pass: getting from your knees on your feet. If the thing that supports you wasn't very reliable (f.e. a wandering basket, a plastic lightweight toy), you'll probably end on your face once again. And the distance face-floor is much greater now than you're used to.
  • Finally arrived at this level, you're not save yet. Actually, the real danger starts here: since you lean on something, you have to take care you keep leaning on it. Often very attractive things are found at this level (imagine f.e. all the things you can find on a low table in the living room, my favorite high-level place) and your uncontrollable designed-to-grab hands will do everything they can to get them, even if this means giving up leaning. Third dr-opportunity
For mom and dad, there's a strange contradiction: my attempts to become independant result in their "Every step I take, every move I make, I'll be watching you"

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